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Is Your Coffee Drinking Habit Costing You on Potential Savings?

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Photo Credit: Amber Avalona

Location: Dubai, UAE

We all love coffee. It gives us just the right amount of boost that we need to give our day a kick start and a little bit more to help us keep up all through the day.

Coffee indeed is part of our lives, however, it doesn't need to be an expensive part of our daily expenditure.

If you go to a coffee shop such as Starbucks (Dubai), you will have to pay:


AED 11.00 (Solo), AED 13.00 (Doppio), AED 15.00 (Triple)

Let's calculate your monthly cost:

Frequency a day: 2

Monthly Cost: AED 11.00 x 2 x 30

Total: AED 660.00

If you drink Latte or Cappuccino, this cost increases by a whopping 36% with a total coffee monthly expenditure of AED 900.00. In a year, that amounts to AED 10,800.00!

These prices are very similar to that of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jean's and a bit on the higher side with the likes of Lavazza, Illy & Segafredo Zanetti Italian coffee houses in the UAE.

That's a lot if you think about it.

However, all is not lost.

You do not need to take coffee out of your daily routine. All it takes is a bit of tweaking. Here's how:

With the current technology that is continuously evolving in terms of coffee equipment, a good capsule system machine paired with a good authentic Italian coffee brings your home made coffee at the same quality as that of an Italian coffee houses.

The operation of the machine is simple and easy.

At AED 2.00 per capsule (lower if you have the  ZClub loyalty membership), your cost would be:


Caffitaly S04

AED 990.00 with 2 Years Warranty ( Check On Sale Price)


Capsules: AED 2.00 each

Monthly Cost: 2.00 x 2 x 30

Total: AED 120.00


Capsules: AED 2.00 (Coffee) + AED 2.00 (Milk)

Monthly Cost: AED 4.00 x 2 x 30

Total: AED 240.00

Summary: AED 2,880.00 (Capsules) + AED 990.00 (Machine) + AED 120 (Stainless Steel Take Away Coffee Cup)

Total (1st Year): AED 3,990.00 (63% Savings and you own a coffee machine!)

Total (2nd Year): AED 2,880.00 (73% Savings)

You would then be able to enjoy your coffee without the exorbitant cost.

So go on, what are you waiting for. Start saving right now.


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