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Caffitaly Best Origins


To bring extraordinary coffees directly to you, we asked our Master Roasters to travel the world to select the best green coffees of the best origins.

The result are our “monorigine” (single origin coffees) coming from the best coffee plantations with their unique flavours and aromas for true connoisseurs.

Monorigine Kaapi Royale

Thanks to the high altitude and to the kind of soil in the plantation where it grows, this 100% Robusta has a maximum creamy texture with an intense brown colour. With high aromatic intensity, in its bouquet you can appreciate pleasant flavours of chocolate and spices, with light hints of cereals and wood. Characterized by low acidity and a perfect balanced of sweet and bitter flavour, it is presented in the cup as a full-bodied espresso and with a persistent aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Monorigine Messico

Incomparable in taste and aroma, hints of chocolate and tobacco characterized this 100% Mexican Arabica with oceanic fragrances, with a sweet taste and fine acidity.

Monorigine Brasile

The constant summer rains and the dry winters ensure perfect conditions for the production of this fine blend of Alta Mogiana 100% Arabica, coming from the best plantations in Brazil. Its full body, sweet taste, fine acidity and fruity aroma with hints of almond, hazelnut and cocoa make this espresso the ideal companion for every coffee break.

Monorigine Cuba

An espresso of fine quality, 100% Arabica Criollo coming from the Sierra Maestra mountain range, Cuba. Full-bodied and with an intense aroma, its light and balanced taste in the cup is softened by a hint of cocoa and pipe tobacco.


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